Maintenance Tips for your Cordless Impact Wrench Battery (Lithium-ion)

In a previous article, we looked at things that could damage the Lithium-ion battery of your cordless impact wrench. In this article, we will look at some useful tips that when followed will extend the lifespan of your battery.


  • Heat is generated in the Lithium-ion battery during use and during charging, however, there are few things that can be done to cool things down that does not involve refrigerating.
  • In hot weather conditions, consider keeping the battery and the cordless impact wrench in a cool, shaded area to minimize the amount of heat. You don’t want the tool to be too hot before you even put it to use. When taking a shot break from using the tool, set it aside away from the sun.
  • Do not put your Lithium-ion battery into use immediately after charging. Let it cool down a little bit before putting it into work.
  • Taking breaks in-between working hours will also help reduce the heat of the tool and the battery.
  • Endeavor to always store your cordless impact wrench indoors and in a cool place if the temperature is high where you live. It also helps if your house is air conditioned.


  • Excessive heat is detrimental to your Lithium-ion battery, should I freeze them then? No! Excessive cold is also a damaging factor to your Li-on battery. Batteries need to be not too hot and not too cold to deliver maximum performance.
  • Driving to a job site in the cold? You’re probably running the heat; it is a good idea to drive with your Lithium-ion battery beside you so it will warm up and perform exceptionally and for longer.
  • When it is extremely cold, setting the battery and charger under direct sunlight will raise the temperature and rescue it from the cold.


  • Water and electricity do not blend well, try as much as possible to keep your battery away from water sources. It is a mystery really, water is used to generate electricity (Hydro-electric power) and water poses a great threat to electrical installations and batteries.

Level of Discharge

  • Our charging habits are among the major killers of Lithium batteries. Recharge your batteries before they run out completely. Swap your batteries out sooner and recharge when they reach about 15-25%. This practice will extend the battery life and the output.
  • When storing your Lithium-ion battery, endeavor to keep them at a half-charged state. At this stage, the battery’s chemistry is most stable. Manufacturers usually ship out batteries with a half-full charge level; it is for the same reason. So when next you store your tool for the night, charge your batteries to about 50% and leave them that way.

Truth about Pomade for men

Scented Pomades

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Trending with Pomade

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The truth about Pomade

Pomade is the best of all for all the options available in the market. Pomade is an all-rounder because of the styles it offers; both shine and hold giving you that perfect style. I hope all that I have shared with you was informative and useful and most importantly has eliminated the myths that are said. I am quite sure that I have eliminated your frustration by narrowing down all the information about Pomade. I believe going forward you will feel more confident to use Pomade using all the guidelines mentioned to enhance your image and taking good care of your hair. It’s the fact men these days are spending a fortune for their looks. For sure they also want to be noticed and besides no one wants to have a bad day. Lastly as we all know that there are a number of Pomades from different suppliers to choose from, make sure that you choose something unique that will bring what you want.

Why You Should Get a Water Purifier Today

Access to safe drinking water is a problem the world over. People living in remote communities have to rely on contaminated water sources for survival. Municipal water treatment plants make use of chlorine and fluorine for water treatment, which are harmful to the body; tap water cannot be relied upon also.

Water purifiers are a great way of improving water from different sources, making it safe for drinking and household use.

Below are some reasons why you should invest in a good water purifier for your home:

Access to pure water

Millions of people live in areas where availability of safe drinking water is not guaranteed. Water is a very essential part of human existence and must be taken in adequate amounts for optimal performance of the body system. With a good water purifier, safe drinking water is attainable.

Reduces the risk of sickness and disease

Contaminated water exposes children and adults to waterborne diseases like cholera and typhoid. According to the United Nations, a child dies every 20 seconds as a result of poor sanitation. Contaminated water is the leading cause of epidemic disease around the world. There are more than 2100 known water contaminants that may be present in tap water. Municipal water treatment facilities cannot always be relied upon for bacteria and contaminant-free drinking water; a point-of-use purifying system is the best option. Toxic materials in water have been identified as a major culprit in most cancer cases. Water filters greatly reduce the risk of rectal, colon and bladder cancer to a considerable extent by removing chlorine and its by-products from household water.

Enhances Mental and Physical Well-being

  • Pure drinking water aids the mental and physical development in children.
  • The developing immune system in children requires safe, healthy drinking water.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children each year in the United States is attributed to lead contained in their drinking water. Water purifiers remove lead and other heavy metals from drinking water.
  • Lead in drinking water is also responsible for various birth defects, so pure drinking water is of utmost importance to pregnant women. Point-of-use purifying systems remove this substance from water prior to consumption.
  • Water filters remove cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water, thereby reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

Contaminations in drinking water have been attributed to so many health problems facing the world today so they cannot be ignored. Municipal water treatment plants have greatly reduced these contaminations but they still exist to some extent in our drinking water. Some of the chemicals used for purifying are chlorine and fluorine which are actually contaminants harmful to the body. Lead enters drinking water after treatment by this municipal plant which is devastating to the human body.

There are so many home treatment alternatives that can greatly improve the quality of our drinking water. Reverse osmosis, Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration are some of these alternatives. They filter out contaminants and heavy metals from water, making it safe and healthy for drinking.


Nursing shoes are extremely important element of any nurse’s uniform. As nurses spend the majority of their day on their feet taking care and providing support to their patient, a good pair of shoes is without doubt imperative. A nurse should be able to stand, walk and move easily all through their day as that is what their job requires of them. However, the constant pressure to their feet implies that they are at a high risk of regularly developing foot related pains and discomfort such as heel pain, arch pain, lower back pain, knee pain and ankle problems among others. Thus, the main purpose of any good nursing shoe would be to provide nurses with the right foot support for comfortable, long wear on regular basis.

The process of choosing nursing shoes is crucial to that of choosing professional athletic footwear. Even as there are several brands of nursing shoes to select from, a few continues to rank at the top of the list. Crocs, Nurse Mates Shoes and Urbane Nursing Shoes are most likely three (3) of the most nursing shoes. Of all nursing shoe brands, the Urbane Nursing Footwear remains one of the best sellers.

Below are a few points that elaborate the reasons why nursing shoes are the most essential for nurses compared to anything.

They help to avoid serious feet issues

Nursing shoes are specifically made to offer rest to the feet while working, so they help to avoid pain, strain or other feet issues. The conventional shoes lack this feature so they may not give the feet the needed rest for long hours, which may eventually lead to strain or pain in the feet.

They keep you active

How can a nurse do her job actively if she has problems with her feet?

To stay active during your shift, it is important you prepare your feet ahead, and nursing shoes will do this for you. They will help to keep you active during the day by giving proper rest to the various parts of your feet.

They provide protection

Often, the job of nurse demands them to work in an environment that is filled with dangerous bacteria and sometimes, blood or other things may drop on their feet. In those situations, nursing shoes protect your feet from the direct bacteria contact. The material used for constructing the nursing shoes does not allow liquids such as blood or any other thing to penetrate the shoe.

If you want to buy nursing shoes, below are a few tips to help:

  • Buy your pair from a specialty store
  • Follow the procedure of your hospital
  • Stay away from shoes with openings
  • Assess each pair of shoes for arch support.
  • Do not buy shoes in the morning as our feet are a little bit swollen in the morning when we wake up from sleep.

The genuine difference between enjoying the work and having a sorrowful and torturous encounter is relative to a totally supportive, relaxing and fitting pair of nursing shoes. There is a wide range of different choices that perfectly go well with the nurse’s specifications as per finding the correct shoes. Even as leather shoes are still considered the first preferred option, rubber shoes are likewise acquired more nowadays. Whether rubber or leather, the most crucial thing is to get the best nursing shoes. Read more at shoesance.